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Iverson's Rap Attack
July, 2001

Urban Sports Network -National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner David Stern may think he has the NBA's image problems under control, but Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson is still rapping to his own beat.

Word on the street is that Universal Records is delaying the release of Iverson's album until 2002 because he in not finished recording the joint. Sources also say Iverson will not be changing any of his lyrics.

The album was originally supposed to come out during the February 2001 All-Star break, but Iverson shelved it after controversy surrounding a single called "40 Bars." The single depicted women as objects and made fun of homosexuals. This caused women's and gay groups to protest the release of the single. Stern had a meeting with Iverson after the uproar and Iverson said none of his lyrics would be offensive.

With the rap incident behind him, Iverson went on to win the NBA's 2001 Most Valuable Players (MVP) award and he led the 76ers to the finals were they fell to the Los Angeles Lakers. In the process of leading the 76ers, Iverson turned his image around and won the praise of many of his critics.

If the lyrics to the album have not been changed Iverson might be in the center of a controversy once again.

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