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Profit Puts Down A Jordan Return
Friday, July 13, 2001

ISWire - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- National Basketball Association (NBA) Washington Wizards forwards Laron Profit told ISWire last week that he did not feel Wizards president of basketball operations and majority owner Michael Jordan should return to the NBA.

"We're young," Profit told ISWire. "We want to carve our own niche. It's a new generation. It would be easy to say 'Hey Mike, come back and bring Hakeem Olajuwon [Houston Rockets free agent center] and Charles Barkley[former NBA All-Star and now scribe] and let's go to the playoffs.' What would that do? That would be part of their legacy. We want to make our own name. The league is just fine. If you watched the playoffs you would have seen that the league is fine. You know for a fact it don't need no different rules or anyone to comeback out of retirement. The league is fine and only getting better. Mike has done what he can. You can't do no more than what he did. "

Profit made his comments at Atlanta Hawks center Theo Ratliff's charity basketball game in Baltimore, Maryland, which focused on raising funds for the Associated Black Charities of Maryland. While Profit did not seem to keen on the idea, he did seem to think there was a chance His Airness would return.

"The more y'all say he can't do it. The more incentive you give him to come back," Profit told ISWire. "If you don't want him to come back, don't say he can't do it. I know for a fact that when he hears he can't take Allen Iverson [Philadelphia 76ers guard], Tracy McGrady [Orlando Magic guard ]and Kobe Bryant[Los Angeles Lakers guard]----that you're pushing him to come back. If you want him to come back, keep writing that."

"But the more you write about him not being able to keep up with this guy and that guy," Profit told ISWire, "you're motivating him to come back. It should be the other way around. Can they keep up with him? I've seen him practice."

MJ had a similar explanation when asked why he would want to return. "I'm not coming back for money, I'm not coming back for the glory. I think I left the game with that, but the challenge is what I truly love."

The Wizards team went 19-63 for the 2001-2002 season.

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